Michael Reynolds 2 Interview & Earthship Tours [2003]

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Earthship Biotecture: http://Earthship.com

This is part 2 of 4: a re-edit of an hour-long TV production for public access TV. This interview was taped in 2003. I trust you'll watch all 4 parts; Michael Reynolds gives us much food for thought, but better than that: food for action!

You will find more information on Earthships at http://Earthship.com. Thanks to the office for additional photos.

Music in this series is performed by Puzzle of Light, a group from Dayton Ohio; compositions include Veldt & Village and Crescent Moon, composed by Michael & Sandy Bashaw, and Cehn, an improvisation by Michael and Sandy Bashaw and Bob Thompson.

Thanks to DATV staffers for assistance: Rick Latimer, Gregory Tucker, Dale Grow, and Patrick Hughes

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