Michael Reynolds 4. Interview & Earthship Tours [2003]

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The 4th and final part of an interview with Michael Reynolds in 2003, with some additions and re-edits. Since the taping of this interview, it's obvious that we've made some progress towards a better way of living on this planet. It is through his efforts (and a little help from other earth angels) that New Mexico passed his Sustainable Development Testing Site Act. Check out what Michael has to say about this, and his latest project EVE, Earthship Village Ecologies, at http://Earthship.com, evolution beyond economics. You can also see Michael's story and the evolution of Earthships in the film Garbage Warrior. (http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/105234/Michael_Reynolds_Garbage_...)

Many thanks to Michael Reynolds, and to his office for additional photos; and DATV staffers for assistance with the original production in 2003. Music in this series is performed by Puzzle of Light, a group from Dayton Ohio; and Michael & Sandy Bashaw; compositions include Veldt & Village and Crescent Moon, composed by Michael & Sandy Bashaw, and Cehn, an improvisation by Michael and Sandy Bashaw and Bob Thompson.


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