Ron Paul New World Order Single Worldwide Currency

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Warning: Media Distracting Everyone from Energy Independence

Think for yourself and do your own research

Cannabis Activist Websites Infiltrated, Hijacked

Banned for sharing truth at Activist Website Grasscity 74,989 active members

World Government Election Fraud 2012 Playlist:

Hemp Fuel can make America energy independent, and any other country, with a renewable non-toxic energy source. America could have been energy independent long ago. Does the media want everyone poisoned by toxic energy sources used today? The government is fixing the price of food, energy, fuel, fiber, medicine, and even cannabis by maintaining prohibition and keeping prices artificially high. Nobody dies from cannabis and water kills people. This information is highly suppressed and ignored please share the truth far and wide.

U.S. Government owns Patent 6630507 Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants

Check out the research at my blog

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