The Day Before Disclosure - Full Movie

”The Day Before Disclosure” Produced: 2010.
Playtime 99min

Are we standing at the threshold of the most shocking paradigm-shift ever?
Is the “greatest story in human history” about to be revealed?

This is one of the comprehensive documentaries ever producd on the on the UFO and ET presence, - and the secrecy surrounding this issue. What do we know by now, – and what do we know about why we should not know?

The film is presenting the UFO-history and some of the best documented cases from both the European and the American continents. The film is presented and narrated by Terje Toftenes. Produced by Terje Toftenes, Ragnhild Løken and Truls Toftenes

Our modern civilization is likely to be confronted with the biggest paradigm shift in the perception of reality ever, and through our productions we wish to bring insight from the forefront of this development.

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