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Breast Implants In Wendy's Natural-Cut French Fries Weird Food Additives, Nutrition


  • WisdomSpirit #

    WisdomSpirit May 21, 2012 4:03:50 AM CEST

    She's cute too, but she should of said the real deal truth about whos to blame! The "F D A " better known as the Food Drug Administration. It is a Federal oversight to make sure your food & drugs are safe. WHAT A JOKE! Look at all the RE-CALLS! DEATH R US is the FDA. The "F D A" really should be called "F-ucken D-umbass A-dministration". "A L L" federal agencies are on the take. Look at the Gulf Coast BP mess. The department that runs the OIL companies are on the take. I forgot off hand the anency that runs the oil & the natural mineral deposits. But they too are THEIVES! & LIERS. THEY ALL ARE!

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