Big Brother spying on you with no limits! Is America Becoming The 4th Reich? [JD Tuccille © RTAmerica]

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If anyone should be watched 24/7 its the police and politicians not the citizens . The only terrorists are the people on Capitol Hill taking away our freedoms The fascists will steal your freedom promising to protect you , they already watch everything we do/say, some electronic equipment films/records you in your own home. your mobile phone is always recording u even when off. They project triggers into your mind from satellites, anyone seeing recurring number codes is being programmed. Soon everyone is potentially a terrorist/criminal ! They are encouraging people to survey each other. They are starting to tell people what they have been doing for decades. Learn how to protect your mind &mitigate surveillance , America is slowly but certainly Becoming The 4th Reich.
- Gerald Celente -

All across America, cameras have become the weapon of choice when it comes to spying on its citizens. Law enforcement agencies in California and Texas has started using license plate recognition devices to spy on drivers. These devices are used to capture the plates of every car that passes by regardless if they are breaking the law or not. Many critics feel everywhere they go the police are watching. JD Tuccille, news managing editor for Reason 24/7 News, joins us for more.
- RTAmerica -

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