PunjabiBook-5TenLights Unless you are son of Brahm, you cannot be son of ParBrahm - 4.

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PunjabiBook-5TenLightsUnless you are son of Brahm, you cannot be son of ParBrahm - 4. When you are born into a family, your Real Self soul came from our Father whilst the parents gave you the flesh that could be white, brown or black. One should not display ego on the basis of birth as it is our Father who sent the Real Self soul into that family. So, in God, you are neither black or brown, male or female, etc as God is Spirit, a quality and not quantity flesh that you can see. Thus, all religious selves are quality never born and never died. Once-born people being not of spirit need disciplining and that is why the moral teachers Rabbis have Disciples as John, the Baptist, Rabbis, Pharisees, etc had whilst to serve God, you need to a sensible twice-born person capable of learning the Gospel through logical reasoning. Thus, in Christ Jesus or Nanak, no more Disciples but the students or Labourers capable of working in the Vineyard of our Father. That is what Christ Jesus trained the hired Labourers that at Last Supper, a stranger would not know who is the Real Christ among them. That is why the insider Judas Iscariot was hired to catch the Real Christ Jesus. Such is the education needed by the students, Sikhs, of spirituality.

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