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Alien Encounters From Around The Globe


This video demonstrates a collection of different alien encounters, videos and proof from a range of places all around the globe.

Some of these videos feature aliens known as the greys, nightcrawlers/nightwalkers, reptilians and possibly pleiadians. Others show an encounter with an unknown creature which many attack people on sight.

This video shows encounters and footage from a variety of perspectives including, the abductee, the hunter and unfortunately; the hunted. Hope you enjoy this collection of videos from a varieety of encounters.

These videoclips featured within this video are all avaliable in full at my channel: robobrawler8 aka alien and government conspiracies.

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  • Halosaga0#

    Halosaga0 September 29, 2012 9:17:38 AM CEST

    i love it the song n video go great together :)

  • Zolacfc1#

    Zolacfc1 May 28, 2012 10:28:03 AM CEST

    wow i would say everyone of these are fake. you even included the mock version of the stan romanek video

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