'The fall of the Great Harlot' - Emanuela Orlandi, kidnapped for Vatican sex parties [VaticanCrimes]

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Hundreds protest Pope's silence on missing girl kidnapped for Vatican sex parties - Emanuela

http://article.wn.com/ view/ 2012/ 05/ 29/ Leaks_reveal_bitter_Vatican_power_struggle_e/
http://huffingtonpost.com/ 2012/ 05/ 22/ emanuela-orlandi-vatican-sex-parties_n_1536531.html

ITALY - May 27, 2012 --- Thousands gathered in protest at the Vatican during the Sunday Angelus, outraged due to the recent discovery of what happened with Emanuela Orlandi.

Emanuela Orlandi is a 15 year old girl who disappeared in 1983 in Rome. Two priests have just admitted that the teenager was abducted for Vatican sex parties, then her body was disposed of. One of the priests that spoke out is Father Gabriele Amorth (The Vatican's leading exorcists who has performed over 70,000 exorcisms)

The outspoken priests also admitted it was vatican gendarme (police) that would recruit the GIRLS for these sex parties.

Beware: The catholic church is the most criminal organization in existence.

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