Vancouver police officer shoots crawling man

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Here is a link to the story:

To sum it up, the man shot in this video, Paul Boyd, has a history of mental illness and was violent towards police officers. He struck them and was shot several times for his continued aggressive behavior. What caused the controversy with this case was the final shot to Boyd, which was taken as he crawled across the street. There was little evidence to prove the claim until the recent release of this video. They are now re-investigating.

EDIT: To clarify, because some of you don't seem to understand, the man was shot quite a few times, the video catches the final shot. As I tried to make clear, the controversy was not over the initial shooting of the suspect, it was more so regarding the final shot to the head, which was made as the man was on his hands and knees. You fail to see him behind the jeep but pay close attention to the level of the officer's arm RIGHT after he takes the shot (0:25-0:26), it is aimed downwards. The video also corroborates statements initially made by eyewitnesses (not necessarily these ones taking the video) that the officer fired the final shot to the head as the suspect crawled on the ground. To make things clear once more, people were saying the man was shot on his hands and knees BEFORE the release of this video, the video mostly just provides clarity that the witnesses most likely did see what they said they saw.

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