Real Alien being caught on tape! Must see this! Amazing footage!.mp4


This was recorded in 2012.05.30 by me yesterday in Sävedalen (Sweden), i recorded plenty of UFO´s and police helicopters searching the area as they normally do and behave in my town. This is a phenomena documented and recorded by me and my close friend since 2010, many other fellow eyewitnesses describes seeing these crafts/orbs and even entities in this region (off-course many other locations as well). Yet the government and Swedish media refuses to deal with this matter, they ignore and ridicule great UFO evidence without providing any answers other than the typical debunker ones.

When i was going through my footage i discovered this amazing capture, it is quite fascinating how i felt watched the whole time while i was standing there recording this, i sensed something small in stature like perhaps a gray.

The being in the video resembles a gray which is using some kind of hyperspace technology while being cloaked, this is not the first time i have sensed the grays in this particular spot, i have felt that they are usually watching me from the surrounding grass and bushes in this spot.

I am so happy to finally have caught something on tape that confirms my theories.

But now i am even more confused about who we are dealing with here ?

A few hours before this happened yesterday i asked the nordics to show up, i even used their many different names, hyperboreans, agarthans, ariani and so fort.. They showed up instantly when i asked them to reveal themselves, then a few hours later a gray type of being is stalking me ?

Have they been the grays all along ? Pretending to be nordics ? Or are both nordics and grays at the same location ? Maybe the triangular shapeshifting crafts belongs to the grays and the large star like orbs belongs to the Nordics from the inner earth ? Are they working together perhaps ? And yes some people have seen Nordics working together with grays, not all nordics are kind.. Not all grays are malevolent either.. I believe it is healthy to remain objective or else we might fall victim to mind games, manipulation and become mere puppets to the aliens. Do not live in fear either, do not be naive be balanced, i think this can help us when dealing with beings far more ahead of us in their evolution.

Whichever the case, this phenomena is more complex than we could ever imagine, the rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

It seems i am allowed to plunge into it..

For some reason both the government and aliens, secret societies leave me alone..

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