Maitreya "The Falling Away" Hackney, London, 2012 (Intro+Write Up)

An Intro and 2 songs from the album "The Falling Away" by Maitreya.

MC, Producer and Lyricist, Maitreya covers topics which are the core essences of the global conspiracy.

Weaving jewels of ancient wisdom with more relevant topics in today's ever changing world.
With the possibility of economic collapse, war, pole shifts and the return of the Christ consciousness he offers up his version of the blue print. One that involves all of us and the coming earth changes to human consciousness.

I will post the album in small blocks of two or three songs beginning with the introduction to the album which is a compilation of clips from established figures in world government and politics all profession to a one world order.. it is ended with a clip from Benjamin Creme the famed author that continues to believe that Maitreya is alive and living in London and who comes to us through the sign Aquarius.

Interestingly Maitreya the artist is both from London and is an Aquarian.

He covers interesting angles on the New Age and Age of Aquarius in songs titled "Age of Aquarius" and "kundalini" (to be posted soon). If you wish to listen to the album in it's entirety, the Artist/Producer/MC offers his work free of charge for anyone who wishes to do so. This is the link to MaitreyaTFA's Youtube channel

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