3 UFO's over North Brisbane, QLD, Australia 07/06/2012

  • Uploaded by Grey on Jun 8, 2012
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From the original poster: Tonight i am posting a video i recorded at 0114 this morning 6th June 2012, whilst on shift at a work site, I was talking to a worker at a different site on the phone, when i noticed what i thought was a planet, i didn't think anything of it until i realised i had never seen a planet in that position before, it was round and a solid amber colour, no flashing light/s no pulsating etc.

I then got off the phone and got out of the car to take a photo, i walked about 15 metres to look at the object through an opening in some trees behind the adjacent business across the road, I took my phone out and by the time I unlocked it and selected the camera, it had started moving, and 2 more orbs had appeared and started moving toward me heading north, I took 1 photo, then switched it to record and recorded 7 minutes of video.

the 3 lights are only visible for about 3-4 minutes of the video, i kept recording anyway just incase something interesting happend, i don't believe they were lanterns, or planes, or helicopters, i have worked this site for over 2 years and i know planes and helicopters when i see them, also have several videos of those, these lights moved in silence, even with the noise polution in the background i can still hear a helicopter or a plane when they move over head, these were silent.

Both photo and video were taken on my Iphone 4S, in the video it appears as though the lights are blinking, but it is only the auto focus and the camera shake, i did try to hold the camera as steady as possible, and i also filmed the city lights to show a degree of perspective etc.

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