The Story of Anne Frank

North America is one of the biggest reservation and concentration camp. Many people don’t know Hitler got many of his ideas by the reservation system and including South Africa..

Otto was 11years older than his wife he married Edith on 12 May 1925. They spend they honeymoon in San Remo. After the Honeymoon they lived for a year with Otto’s mother in Frankfurt.

On February 16th 1926 Otto and Edith have their first daughter Margot she had a second name Betti. She is named after Edith’s sister who died in childhood.

In1926 the League of Nations is established. The aim of this organization is to end war once and for all. Between 1934-1935 58 countries are members. The League of Nations is dissolved in 1946 and succeeded by the United Nations. Germany becomes a member in 1926, but leaves in 1933, as does Japan.

On June 12th 1929 A new addition is welcomed into the Frank Family little did they know that Anne was going to make history. In the same time the German Nazi party increases in numbers.

In July 1932, the Nazi’s becomes the largest party with 37% of the votes. Members of the SS (Storm Troopers) march through the streets singing anti-Semitic songs. The Jews in Germany are blamed for all the country’s problems.

When Hitler becomes the head of the German government on January 30, 1933, . Then came the news that Hitler had become Chancellor. This was followed by a report of the Brownshirt’s torch lit marched in Berlin and there was screaming and cheering.

Otto and Edith Frank looked for ways of leaving Germany. In early March 1933 they decided to leave Germany Otto was given an opportunity to set up a company in the Netherlands. Things being to change An SA and SS officer boycott Jewish owned shops and businesses on, 1 April 1933. Otto and Edith Frank are deeply worried and look for a means of escape.

Anne Frank starts keeping a diary from her thirteenth birthday. She takes the diary to the hiding place, of course. Anne writes about growing up into a young lady. She spends more time thinking about life, and records her thoughts in her diary.

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