Planned Serendipity with Thor Muller [George Noory CoastToCoastAM 8-June-12]

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Planned Serendipity:
Internet entrepreneur and author Thor Muller spoke about how people can increase their luck. According to Muller, some individuals are luckier in life than others because they can recognize things they were not looking for and make use of these discoveries. 'Planned serendipity,' as he calls it, 'is the ability to take chance opportunities and make creative use of them. People can increase their luck by practicing certain behaviors that enhance creativity and chance', Muller said. 'The luckiest among us tend to be obsessive, think at an abstract level across different domains, and encourage creative collisions by engaging with the world around them', he explained. 'Luck is simply a pattern that we cultivate by letting chance in and taking action on the discoveries we make when we do', Muller added.


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