Buddha Statues Seen Moving and Emitting Light in Malaysia

  • Uploaded by Harlekin on Jun 11, 2012
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Here is an interesting phenomenon, several Buddha statues in Malaysia were seen moving their lips, blinking, moving their chests and hands, and emitting light. The strange phenomenon occurred for about an hour.

Some users have said that someone just adjusted the exposure on the camera. Being a photographer myself, if they did do this, then the whole picture would be over exposed and in this case only the area around the Buddha statue is blown out. For example the light reflected on the women’s black hair would be seen getting bright and then dark. But it stays the same. If the light was emitted from above then the area below the statue would be bright as well. But as you can see, there is a small statue, looks like made of wood, just to the left that doesn’t appear to be affected by the light.

If the light was from behind the statue, then the women would get darker and more like a silhouette, but she also stays the same. So in the end I am concluding that is some freaky thing is going on here.

According to Guang Ming Daily, Abbot Chew said “In the beginning, the statues only emitted light, but later they started making noises. The voices from the statues are particularly loud and harmonious, and sound like they are from another dimension.

Chew also said that a statue located outdoors has been seen levitating a foot above ground, but because the statue was emitting bright light, nothing can be seen in the videos recorded.

Here are a few more, one of them is a Buddha statue drinking milk.

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