PunjabiBook-5Ten Lights are Six Satgurus Four Sachae Patshah-Summary of Ten Lights-15.

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PunjabiBook-5Ten Lights are Six Satgurus Four Sachae Patshah-Summary of Ten Lights-15.
I have presented the Punjabi Videos on the role of Ten Lights and it would be nice to present summary in English.
1. Satguru or Christ Nanak Dev Ji:- He was the Second coming of Christ Jesus that He predicted in His Saying, “As Light originates from the East and flashes towards the West, so shall be the Second coming of the Son of Man” and that was Christ Nanak Dev Ji. John, the Baptist is mentioned in the New Testament of the Sikhs called Ad-Granth as the Angel of Israel or Israeli Fahrishhtta, who is Friend of the sons of Man and kills those who are unfaithful to Abraham. These Holocausts are as the result of unfaithful to Abraham and so are these Middle East troubles. Unlike Christ Jesus, who faced the Princes of Darkness, in India Christ Nanak Dev Ji faced Kings and Emperors of Darkness and so, He trained His Labourers through Specialists in the different stages of spiritual advancements.
2. First Specialist Satguru Angad Dev Ji was to kill ego and to make people face God and not men for blessings. No rain and people tried their local Tappa for rain but to no avail. So, the end product was God-Orientated men who had killed their tribal ego. Then, Satguru Angad Dev Ji handed them over to the next One Satguru Amar Dev Ji.
3. He had the Key to the Treasury of our Father’s Wealth, His Word. The Sikhs being of holy spirit or SURTI, they were lured the Royal Kingdom of God and not to go for Mammon. So, He killed doubts or DUBDA in the minds of people and made them to serve God and not suffer in Mammon.
4. When a person becomes sealed to serve God, then he should serve people and enjoy the company of Sadhus or Fakirs to render praises to our Father rather than to become a politician and rule over people that is just the opposite. Reward of the Services uplifts the person to be one with God and that was displayed by Satguru Arjun Dev Ji, the heart of Silver shining white clear of any traces of Mammon. Arjun stands for Silver or NIRMAL.
5. Satguru Arjun Dev Ji displayed the same Status as Satguru Nanak Dev Ji and compiled the Ad-Granth that cannot be written down in ink on paper. But the satanic Khatris were propagating false Bani and that is why the copy done by Bhai Mangat Ji was rejected as it was written by an ordinary person and not by a person of Holy Spirit. The present copies of Ad-Granth are HIGHLY CORRUPTED and the copied copy of Ad-Granth is nearest to the PURE. After the death of Satguru Arjun Dev Ji, sword power was needed to sort out the satanic people. So, there was a Change from Bhagti to Shakti Marag in Royal King Har Gobind Ji.
6. Royal King, Sachae Patshah HarGobind Ji was installed after his head was shaved off as per the Hibdu Custom of shaving head when moving from one Asharm to the next. Here, it was a move from Bhagti to Shakti Marag. He was adored by two weapons; one a Double-edged sword called KHANDA in the name of Har and an ordinary sword called KIRPAAN in the name of Gobind. He laid the Foundations for the Third Khalsa Panth and the Fourth Nirmallae Santan or Apostolic Panth. He was the Royal King of BRAHMIN VARN.
7. Royal King Har Rai Ji:- He tried to win the hearts of people over through rendering services to the sick people. Services made Him the Royal King of SHOODAR VARN.
8. Royal King Har Krishan Ji rendered exposition of Bani par excellence. So, He was Royal King devoted to VAISH VARN.
9. Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji was the Last of the series of Six Satgurus and as per his name He was the Soldier of His Word. He had Soldier Sikhs Sealed to serve God only. These satanic Khatris created Tempests of atrocities converting people to Mohammedans and if we consider a mango tree in bloom with tiny fruits, tempest storms come and take away the fruit that is not strongly attached, devoted to serve God only, to the Tree, God and so the people whose faith was not strong, they turned to Mohammedan whilst the Five Sikhs that accompanied Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji to Delhi for Sacrifice, they were an example of those who were sealed to serve God only. After all the atrocities, then appeared the Last Prophet on earth Royal King Gobind Rai Ji devoted to the KHHASHHTRI VARN, who gave the finishing touches to the Third Khalsa Panth and the Fourth Apostolic Panth by beheading the Five on stage and then joining the head of one with the torso of other to stress that the people of these two Panths could not be married secular people.

That is the brief purpose of the Ten Lights and more in the Videos.

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