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Mars, The Planet of the Apes

  • Doowop62
  • uploaded: Oct 24, 2008
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  • Bpeirce2#

    Bpeirce2 July 21, 2010 11:09:15 PM CEST


  • Jabawalke#

    Jabawalke August 14, 2009 6:15:24 PM CEST

    lol nice rocks

  • Pateriot#

    Pateriot May 1, 2009 12:09:30 AM CEST

    How can anyone doubt that there is really life on Mars after viewing this video!!! LOL I think a couple of the apes might have been bunny rabbits though.

  • Doowop62#

    Doowop62 January 4, 2009 3:21:33 AM CET

    This post is what we call a skeptic in denial. After posting; \"Why did you bother putting this crap on here, do you actually have any brain cells?\" He wishes me to believe he is open minded. Child, everyone is a skeptic. Some just have an over abundance of the syndrome. Do you look at the word skeptic as a disparaging remark? It is not. The reason normal skeptics don't post here is they don't want to be associated with those that have excessive levels of skepticism.Dabe

  • Doowop62#

    Doowop62 January 4, 2009 3:10:30 AM CET

    Actually, the skeptics help build in a little way the volume of viewer I get. Considering everywhere I am located on the Internet. I am well over 1,000,000 viewers. I haven\'t checked the numbers here on Disclose.tv. It is a new posting site for me, but I think I am doing very well here.Dabe

  • E6722maj#

    E6722maj December 31, 2008 3:11:45 AM CET

    i have to say i\'m liking doowop, dave, more with every reply. i don\'t really consider myself a skeptic, but i suppose in this case at least i am. i like your witty ripostes mr doowop :)

  • Themastermind#

    Themastermind November 7, 2008 3:12:26 AM CET

    Who said i made up my mind before looking at your videos? I live my life very open minded that does not mean i am gullible You also have to understand that i look at many, many videos which i leave comments on which is mine and everybody\'s right. You are calling me a skeptic and you don\'t even know me, that\'s you making an ASSUMPTION which shows more about your personality than mine. Think about it APES ON MARS! Have a good hard look at your own video and tell me what you see and believe to be true.....

  • Doowop62#

    Doowop62 November 4, 2008 9:29:12 PM CET

    What crap are you talking about? lol Perhaps you are missing a few neural links? I suspect you may have a problem that involves your brain. But then, only those with skeptic remarks posts comments anymore. However, I do like to answer them here. Why do you bother looking at my videos if you have already made up your mind? By the way I love the avatar you use. I use a witch because I am one. LOL. Dabe, Dave Stacey, aka doowop62. PS: Try Youtube, I have 60 video\'s runnng there and on Clipshack, and Live Leak and many many other sites. So, get to work, you have a lot of ground to patrol. ha ha.

  • Themastermind#

    Themastermind November 4, 2008 6:37:37 PM CET

    Why did you bother putting this crap on here, do you actually have any brain cells?

  • Murdock#

    Murdock October 27, 2008 10:22:54 AM CET

    I am dutch and now live in spain. You hit my softspot there.You can call me sceptic if you want, thats a nice ride you had!I love cars! I worked for a spanish carmagazine, 2 tuningmags and 1 exclusive carmag, still on it but freelanceOverhere there is little musclecar culture, all european and asian. My american dreamcar is still the mustang and the GT40.

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