Jesse Ventura: 'DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans' [Piers Morgan CNN]

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Jesse Ventura, who recently penned DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans, joined Piers Morgan on Monday night to talk politics — mainly arguing that we’d be better off if he did away with our two-party system. Comparing the two parties to the two infamous gangs, Ventura argued the political parties are worse. After all, they affect us all (not just a small portion of the population).

“To save our country,” he said, we “need to abolish the political parties.” Make them political action committees, he said. Ventura went on to explain how the political parties are in fact worse than the gangs he’s comparing them to. The gangs can be “devastating to a certain small part of the population,” he said, but the parties, “they affect everybody in this country and they’ve been in charge for over 100 years.”

Morgan asked whether Ventura’s simply endorsing a form of fascism. We’re already fascists, Ventura countered. Corporations are people, that’s fascist (going by the basic definition, which is corporations taking over government). The system is based on bribery, he said.

Ventura circled back to his original point: just don’t put the party names on the ballot. If voters only see names, they’ll be forced to become more informed, he argued. He then joked that all presidential candidates should wear a NASCAR uniform. Why? “It will show who owns them.”

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