Tom Montalk: 'Alien Agendas, The Physics of Reality & Etheric' [Radio3Fourteen / RedIceRadio]

  • Uploaded by Knewtube on Jun 16, 2012
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Thomas S. Minderle is an author, researcher and musician dedicated to empowering others with practical esoteric wisdom and technical knowledge. Writing under the pen name Montalk, his writings synergize a broad spectrum of fringe subjects including metaphysics, gnosticism, ufology, hyperdimensional physics, and spiritual warriorship. He's also the man behind the melodic metal band Neptunian Horizon. We'll begin on the subject of alien agendas, abductions and races. Then, Tom talks about etheric energy. He ties it into the Mayan Calendar and end time prophecies. He also speaks about technologies that worked in ancient times when etheric energy levels were higher. Montalk will explain the physics behind mind over matter and changing reality. Later, we converse about the relationship between dreams and music.

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