Nomi Prins On the Edge with Max Keiser: 'Banks & people's deposits' [PressTV]

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Get Your Money out of the Banks NOW - Max Keiser & Nomi Prins
Author and journalist Nomi Prins a former senior executive at Goldman Sachs and Bear Stearns explains how the banks are using Your Money to do their Gambling . Use a credit union or local bank, or move away from banks altogether is what I say.The politicians are all bought off by the bankers gangsters and the big corps.The Banks are nothing more than criminal enterprises . Maybe Ghandi had it right ... just abscond. if everyone and their dog just pulled ALL their money from that satanic cult of The bank, then I wonder how long it would last as a public entity. The new world order seeks #1 to destroy all contact with money #2 to destroy all personal ownership #3 to destroy all personal transactions and in every one of those steps is anti-capitalist. From farm-land to gold to storing food to travel and personal barter/cash trade, the new world order seeks to destroy ALL of that. You are to instead get an ID # and be allocated a pre-determined ration and to be shot or killed upon disobedience: Too Big to Fail (or) Too Small to Succeed... The American Dream - Too Lost to Find..!

capitalism, socialism, communism are all man made constructs they are not stable and not in constant equilibrium, they are actually emergent and changing, and eventually all man made social systems break down, just like a machine, the only way humans can survive is to have no social system, completely in line with the environment and living in harmony and equilibrium with all other parts of what can be considered planet earth organism . There is nobody in USI (UNITED STATES INCORPORATED) who will disobey the prime directive: Agenda 21. Gambling gangsters, drug and arms dealers and the toxic pharmaceutical cartels along with energy industry are pushing the buttons and dictating dialogue and the human resource that is Us, can all go to hell. Reducing the population any way they can get away with, is part of 'agenda 21'. All you will ever get from them: Lies, deceit & betrayal. Remember that. RESIST!
- Gerald Cekente -

In this edition of the show Max interviews Nomi Prins from It is the size of a bank holding company's deposits that dictates the extent of the risk it takes, risk 'models' not withstanding: the more deposits, the more risk, the more potential loss. And the more access to other people's money, the greater the gambling incentive. The largest banks hold deposits (people's deposits) hostage in the global game of financial warfare. Related access to capital and bailouts are enabling weaponry in the fight for worldwide institutional supremacy.


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