Solar UFO Creates Massive Sun Flash 2012 HD

  • Uploaded by Isotrop on Jun 16, 2012
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Recap on the Incredible Object captured by SOHO, which seems to show a double ringed shaped object phase into view at the top of the screen, then darting across the Sun causing a flash across its surface. Did the UFO collide with the Sun or could it have been the result of the tremendous gravitational and magnetic forces eminating from both objects. Whatever the reason, this video is the best evidence to date of ET craft in the proximity of the Sun. Will post all relevant data in a few days, so even if NASA remove the raw footage, I have the raw SOHO files available to download. Thanks.

Make sure you credit the guy who discovered it, namely me, or in future I will not be supplying any data concerning my work. Tired of people stealing my research and giving no credit, then moaning and calling me a hoaxer when Im reluctant to share data. Last warning, play fair or you get nothing in future.

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