Webbot Clif High 2 Courtney Brown and Remote Viewing [15-June-12]

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The Webbot Project warns about Global Coastal Event
Clif's Wujo

Clif High:
Courtney Brown:
Project Camelot Courtney Brown:

Global Coastal event alert The U S military has already acknowledged and used and taught remote viewing. Science acknowledges now. Ed Dames said he didn't find any safe zones,He said they didn't see any sanctuaries in the southern hemisphere but did find most of them in the northern , If and where safe zones are, it really won't matter. There will be some Government / military control and mass exodus to those zones by those that survive. Like Haiti, it wasn't so much the earthquake, but all that has happened since that made surviving really not worth it.

Since Remote Viewing (RV) was declassification from a top secret U.S. military program, it has been proven to be one of the most effective, accurate and learnable ESP (extra sensory perception) mind skills in the world. This DVD is being given away for FREE in the hopes that you will see how incredible RV truly is in the hands of regular people and decide to learn this groundbreaking skill before it's too late! Retired military intelligence officer Major Ed Dames has stunned millions with his documentaries and Remote Viewing training programs. Now Major Dames and several of his students provide exclusive information regarding accurately predicted events that have already come to pass and shocking warnings regarding upcoming catastrophes and epidemics that you have to hear to believe! Interestingly, he predicted that Germany may soon be dropping the Euro, and switching back to its original currency. While in America, "you're going to see unemployment...up to 40% in a year and a half," and this will lead to martial law, and a police state, with the possible use of FEMA camps, Dames cautioned, adding that the 2012 presidential election may be postponed. The Fukushima situation, with fallout from the nuclear plant, is far worse than people are being told, and is "the largest disaster in human history as far I'm concerned," he continued.
- Gerald Celente -

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