'Is this America? Nazi Checkpoint' [44☠9]

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'Is this America? Nazi Checkpoint = CIA drug trafficking'

Nazi Checkpoints in America

"I simply cannot imagine having to go through any type of check point and having to declare that I am a US citizen .. Anyone that's "for" these checkpoints and says it's "not" Nazi Germany.., before they can make that statement they have to come correct..and state what the reason for the checkpoints in Nazi Germany were for? When they can't say that information it's because they never studied up on it outside of the very limited and sugar coated view they received in the public school system. We know the fed lies, we know it's a control scam from rich people who control the government and want to stay rich.If they wont protect the border WHY would they patrol the interior ? POLICE STATE !"

- Gerald Celente -

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