A Journey to Agartha (Inner Earth)

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The interior of the Earth is not a solid mass of molten rock as Earth scientists believe. It is hollow and resembles a tennis ball in structure with the crust being 300 miles thick on average. At the center of the Earth is a softly glowing Sun that provides a permanent twilight atmosphere and constant 78 degrees Fahrenheit for the many Christed advanced civilizations who have lived inside The Hollow Earth for many millenniums. Indeed, nearly all planetary races live "inside" their planet and not on the tumultuous surface as the fallen race of Earth does. The Hollow Earth permanently resembles a semi-tropical paradise at twilight. There is no night, no wind, no rain, no snow, no cold, and no desert. All water needs are met by the countless crystal clear rivers and lakes found throughout The Hollow Earth. Many "Surface Dwellers" have accidentally stumbled into The Hollow Earth and met the advanced beings living there, dined with them, witnessed and experienced their incredibly advanced technology first hand, and related their adventures upon returning to the surface of Earth. Not surprisingly, most Earthlings did not believe their stories. And in ALL military cases the individual was ordered to remain "silent" or else! (see Admiral Byrd).

From what I have gathered the inner sun does not burn it reflects the suns light and is charged by it like a giant battery. The earth can also be compared to a dynamo. Also think of an atom and how it works, the earth is very similar. Atoms, planets, solar systems, galaxies are all expressing the same principles. Gravity is an effect of the sun. Lava is superficial like pimples. The people's of inner earth consider us mad because to them living on the surface is like living on the roof of a house exposed to all the extreme elements.

There is a profound book you all must read. It started me on my journey of researching the possibility of a hollow earth. It is an extremely rare and mysterious manuscript for its time (1800s) and is prized worldwide by many geologists, scholars, and truth seekers for its richness in compelling thought and paradigm shattering geological concepts. It is a story within a story where the true author remains unknown yet feels as real and genuine as ones true self. It takes you step by step through the darkest recesses of our inner world, sheds light on scientific misunderstandings and reveals the true heartbeat of the globe beneath our feet all in a very captivating as well as ingenuously designed process. Please read this enigmatic gem of a manuscript in its fullness before you choose to doubt the possibility of an inner world within a world. It is called "Etidorhpa" which is Aphrodite spelt backwards and can be read for free at Sacred-texts.com. Another great hollow earth book is "Vril, The Power of the Coming Race" Enjoy fellow seekers and critics and bless you on your quest for truth!

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