Gospel is our Daily Bread that you must Eat to Preach Gospel with authority.

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Gospel is our Daily Bread that you must Eat to Preach Gospel with authority.
You cannot Preach Gospel to the hungry people. You must first feed them with bread and then the person would care to listen to Gospel. This was stressed by Christ Jesus when there were many following Him because of the Miracles and they were so eagerly following Him that they did not eat for couple of days. If they were to be sent away, then they might collapse on their way back to their homes.
Now, Christ Jesus didn’t want a blind following but He was seeking the seekers of His Treasures that He came to give in abundance. That is why Jesus first fed the Five thousand with heavenly Bread that was far tastier than the Manna that Moses made them to eat in the Wilderness. They filled their stomachs to their hearts content and Christ Jesus told them that man shall not live by bread alone but what comes out of the Mouth of God. If a person eats, sleep and die, then what the person has earned to present our Father the Fruit of his Labour. Nothing and then there is no difference between a person and an animal. So, after feeding the Five thousands to their hearts content, then Christ Jesus opened His Mouth to feed them the Word of our Father. This Christ Jesus said you feed by eating the Juicy Flesh of Jesus and Drinking the refreshening Blood of Christ. This will make you Solitary Seeker of His Word, your Daily Bread so that as a Family of God, you too can Fish the Men into the Royal Kingdom of God by entering the Narrow Gate for the Solitary that leads you into the Vineyard of our Father where our Father Gardner has Planted the True Vine Christ for us to emulate to His Standard to become His Friends or be Grafted to Him to Produce Fruit that Christ Jesus produced whilst He lived among us. No Blind Follower or Disciple can find the Narrow Gate never mind entering into the Vineyard. On hearing the above Saying, all the blind to spirit followers run away as they were men of letters and took the Gospel in a literal sense as the present theologians do John 4, the Five Husbands of the Samaritan Woman who turned out to be the Apostle St.Photina but the Jews, the people of the Book, made her known to be a bad woman. Some did stress that the Samaritans are more moral than the Jews but unless our Father give you the Gospel, no one can do it. At least, they tried and today I explain their names, hardly anyone wants to know.
The Secret of knowing Gospel, Christ Jesus outlined in His Saying that you must eat the flesh of Jesus by understanding the Parables through logical reasoning that Brews Logos = His Word. Word is eaten through ears and heart is our Stomach. After digesting the Parable, then Preach Gospel from your own Mouth and not from any Book written by a University Professor, etc as Gospel is received from our Father only. People who supress the pondering power of a person, they are Anti-Christs. Thus, no praying or fasting but pondering over His Word. University Professors being the men of letters have no capability to ponder over the hidden meanings in the Parables or they are Super Donkeys carrying Holy Books. Letters are old wine and if your skin is full of the old wine, then how could you take the New Wine on top of it? They are conflicting to each other and you cannot write articles of the theological Journals. I have tried in spirit and they have rejected my articles that there are no references to the work done by the other theologians of repute. So, try to flush out the old wine from your system as Christ Jesus instructed the servants at Cana how to prepare the New Wine. When your thoughts are clear like the fresh water or childlike, then let your “innerman”, the Christ work to transform the digested Parables by Preaching Gospel which is Drinking the Blood of Christ as we emulate our thoughts to that of our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus or the True Vine that starts Feeding us. That is why Christ Jesus said after a difficult Parable, let them hear who have ears to hear or have developed Teeth to enjoy the Meat of Jesus or what came out of His Mouth. So, that is the Secret of my producing the Videos. God Bless you.

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