Fanatic Sikhs create sectarian Riots.Beware of exploiters turning Fake Siks of turban and beards.

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Fanatic Sikhs create sectarian Riots.Beware of exploiters turning Fake Siks of turban and beards.
This is the Dark Age in which the clever selfish people seek their own praises. For this, they exploit the simpletons for financial support. This is quite common and such people create sectarian riots in which people die in thousands.
Remember that this is the Age of Christ or Satguru and He being the Light enlightens the hearts of people to lead their lives in this most difficult period. Those who receive the Light, they themselves become Solitary or NIYARA and they do not follow anyone but God. In this Dark Age, everyone is to give his own account to God and, therefore, you yourself need to seek His Word to lead your life. So, those who seek His Word, this Dark Age is the best of all the Ages for Salvation. Otherwise, you get hooked up by the clever psychics who not only fleece you but use you as a blind follower, a fanatic. This is not the Age of Followers, the Disciples but of the Seekers called Sikhs in Punjabi. Christ Jesus did not have any Disciples but Labourers that He employed in the Vineyard of our Father Gardner. Christ Jesus and His Second Coming Christ = Satguru Nanak Dev Ji is the True Vine Planted by our Father in His Vineyard for us to emulate. Thus, seek the company of Labourers working in His Vineyard to encourage you to find that Narrow Gate to our Father’s Vineyard.
So, do not support any organisation that is antichrist promoting SIKH KAUM instead of the Sikh Panth, a Way of Life. You watch these fanatics fight and die like flies as during the 1984 riots.
In God, you yourself are a Solitary and such a person does not make a following of the blind as he cannot give your account to God but the Crook Babae do.
So, it is your life and please do not waste it to please the crook men but our Father. You are the king of creation of Brahma. First be a son of Brahma, then only you could be the son of ParBrahm.
That is what Christ Thomas Said, “First know what you see then what is not seen would be known to you”.
Think twice before you support an organisation. There most of them are seeking their own praises or working for money and not for God as in the Churches are these Dog-Collared hirelings.
As everybody reaps the reward of his own deeds, you cannot blame a third person. So, those who died in the holocausts, cannot blame a third person but themselves. Who told the Chosen People to become unfaithful to Abraham? Their own blind guides, the Rabbis who killed Christ Jesus and look how they suffered at the fall of the Temple and during the holocausts? Light came among his own and they loved Darkness. Gentile were people of the Light and God protected them as we experienced the protection.

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