[18-June-12] New Powerful David Icke Interview [Bewusst.TV]

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Jo Conrad interviews David Icke about the manipulation of humankind, reptilian influence and the awakening of human consciousness....

When Freedom Radiates & Truth Resonates, Tyranny Falls:
"Big Brother Surveillance Society is NOT there to 'protect' you, but to protect the NWO Mafia, they know YOU gonna be -Mad as Hell- about their abuse of power !
Hijacked Governments Legalize Corporate Crimes & Criminalizing Real Solutions: Suppressed inventions & Alternative Cures, google 'When Healing Becomes a Crime' & 'Hemp Revolution'
'corporatism' = police enforcing more & more totally insane unconstitutional laws & regulations.
Nobody knows what all know together THAT is why we need to consider all options. Those who silence or downplay messengers are not part of the Spiritual rEvolution.
A 'master' can only be a master, if the slave acts, thinks or believes he is a 'slave'.
NWO Mafia loves Power of Perception more than Power over information.
Most conspiracy researchers walking in a hall of mirrors, quicksand here & there, you've got a minefield added for free.
Vital information CAN stand on it's own feet, does not need any confirmation from any (corrupt) 'authority'. YOU are the only one that can convince oneself in doing research, cross-reference check mentioned sources, names-places-dates research gov. declassified archives, authors, documentary makers etc.
If you 'hate' you BECOME what you're fighting against.
Radiating True Freedom you inspire & trigger others to do the same with more effect than wanting to "change" the other.
Part of Spiritual rEvolution is 'Planting Seeds of Considerations', CONSIDER THIS:
You are always MORE than the limited thoughts you're having about yourself and you know it, maybe afraid for the consequences & responsibilities.
You are always MORE than the limited thoughts other people claim who you 'suppose to be'.
Learn to trust your unlimited potential, gifts, intuitions, talents if YOU are not standing in the way of who you truly are, you do not need to projecting (broadcasting) distrust of yourself towards the future. Be kind to yourself.
If you live in the now and ACT what you feel, sense what is really necessary in the moment, without self-censorship, sabotage thoughts & self-limitations, allowing yourself to surprise yourself and LIVING it, you experience what Spiritual Freedom is all about and do not need any "book wisdom" or workshops."
- John Kuhles -

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