For receiving Gospel, you need Wax-Free ears to hear His Word and not head for Book knowledge- 1.

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For receiving Gospel, you need Wax-Free ears to hear His Word and not head for Book knowledge- 1.
Scriptures, the Milk for the Babies, the school children, being the Moral Laws, they are read and taught by the letters and they are quoted by the letters as in the courts. So, everyone who is literate could read Scriptures and quote them. In Jerusalem, most of the people were literate and they were having contests based upon remembering the passages from the Torah. So, what was not written was not accepted as today, in most Churches, they accept what is written and would not accept the spiritual interpretations. Such people are called Dead in Letters who bury their Dead.
Gospel is just the opposite. It is the living word of our living Father for the living in spirit adults capable of chewing Meat of Jesus and this you Preach from your own mouth after understanding the Treasures hidden under the Parables. Gospel is received on individual basis and the person who receives it can Preach it with full confidence and authority. That is why our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus surprised the men of Letters when He explained to them the basis of their moral Laws. Or in short, we hold the Roots of the Moral Laws and that is why the least in the Royal Kingdom of God is greater than the Prophet Elijah, an Ideal Rabbi known as the Angel of Israel in Sikh Gospel. Prophet Elijah is the Tree of Life visible to everyone or the Moral Laws written in the Scriptures that could be corrupted by the corrupt Rabbis. Because the greedy Priests corrupted the Moral Laws that Christ Jesus came to revive the Tree of Life.
Now, Gospel unlike the Scriptures cannot be written down on paper in ink otherwise there will be no difference between Scriptures, the Letters and the Gospel, the Good News of the Royal Kingdom of God. That is why in Christ Jesus, you need to eat the Flesh of Jesus and Drink the Blood of Christ to become a Royal Priest. People of letters take the Saying in the literal sense but the people of spirit know that Jesus is the name of his physical body that was born and died on the Cross. Christ was inside and that was never born and never died. So, when you understand the Gospel in spirit, then you are eating the Flesh of Jesus through not the normal mouth for food but through your ears that should not be waxed with the dead letters but clear of wax as those of the Samaritan woman at well, who enganged Him into very deep discussion and she identified in spirit Christ Jesus to be a Prophet that the Jerusalem people with hard wax in their ears could not absorb. Afterwards, the people of the whole village became Apostles and that is called Drinking the Blood of Christ. Jews killed the Light so much so that today, Orthodox people know that John, the Baptist was an Angel but they do not know the difference between an Angel and a Saint?

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