The Direct Hostility Of The Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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Schapelle Corbyis an innocent woman who was sacrificed at the altar of finance and corruption by her own government. She is currently seriously ill in an Indonesian prison, having served 8 years of her 20 year sentence. For details of her case see:

One aspect of the state's agenda was the unremitting propaganda broadcast and published by the Australian media. This is heavily documented on the above website.

This is an audio clip of a telephone conversation between her sister, Mercedes Corby, and an ABC "reporter".

Whilst his tone, response and attitude is clearly hostile and aggressive, it is worth also bearing in mind that the reporting referred to was indeed during Schapelle Corby's final appeal in Indonesia, a period during which the ABC was broadcasting a series of damaging fabrications and smears.

This is a tiny fraction of the catalogued abuses perpetrated by the ABC by against Schapelle Corby and her family.

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