For receiving Gospel, you need Wax-Free ears to hear His Word and not head for Book knowledge- 3.

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For receiving Gospel, you need Wax-Free ears to hear His Word and not head for Book knowledge- 3.

I am a retired lecturer in Metallurgy and have learnt the subject of religion from my late father Chaudhry Udham Nijjhar, who too was a B.Sc., a school teacher and had a keen interest in the religion. He too learnt through intuition that is governed by your heart and not the head. In head, we learn the letters of the Books or what you have been instructed to do whilst in the heart, you ponder over the religious issues and come out with the answers that you proclaim from your own mouth as the original research whilst the men of letters learn what the others have said and then summarize with his own judgment added. In such cases, you need not understand the Fundamental principles in summarizing or adding your own views as well. For example, people say five million Jews died during the Holocausts. This is what most people have said and you go with them if your ears are filled with hardened wax created by the Book knowledge. But in the Bible, Christ Paul has said that A Jew is one who is inwardly of the spirit and not outwardly of the flesh. But those whose ears are not full of wax take the saying to their hearts and digest it. So, if a Jew is the spiritual self and not the physical self, then a Jew is never born but made by attending a Synagogue and other rituals as a University student becomes a dentist after attending the college. That is, dentist is a professional self and not the tribal self that was born. In the case of Jews, tribal selves are born and they die and not a Jew because it is the spiritual self. In the same sense, a dentist or a university Professor never dies as they were not born like that but made later on through education. In the same sense, Christ is the spiritual self and Jesus is the name of the physical self that you can see, born and died. That is, Christ being the Word that was in the beginning and forever, Christ was never born or died but Jesus, His physical body.

Thus, the people have been propagating that five million Jews died during the Holocausts and the people read the newspapers, etc. but they never listen to the Saying of Christ Paul that a Jew is one who is inwardly of spirit and not outwardly of the flesh because their ears have been waxed hard with the Book knowledge as those of the Jerusalem Theologians who were reading that Christ Jesus would come in the line of King David but they could not recognize Christ Jesus standing in front of them. This is called the letters, wax, has hardened their ears to hear His Word. Whereas the Samaritan Woman at well recognized Christ Jesus within a short period after vetting Him in spirit and proclaimed that He was a Prophet and when Christ comes, He will tell us everything. Such a spiritual knowledge was missing among the men of letters at Jerusalem and the same trend I have discovered in Oxford University theologians of the letters who do not know that NOT A SINGLE JEW DIED DURING THE HOLOCAUST but the tribal people of Judah, Levi, Benjamin, etc. tribes, the 144000 tribal people and not Jews that would be saved during the Tribulation. Let someone proclaim this basic Gospel Truth and you see how the men of letters jump at him.

So, Gospel is not for everyone but for those whose ears are Free of the wax of letters. Such people are rare to come across and no wonder Christ Thomas Said, “One in a thousand and two in ten thousands would know Gospel”. Men of letters with degrees in theology are just super donkeys carrying Holy Books. God Bless the Workers of God.

Disciples being the once-born students of the moral laws are dead in Letters useless in the ministry of Christ Jesus that requires twice-born people of spirit. Remember when Christ Jesus was eating at the house of Matthew, then some Pharisees and Sadducees challenged His Labourers why don’t you wash your hands, say prayer or fast as the Disciples, students of the schoolmasters John, the Baptist, Rabbis, etc. do? Christ Jesus replied so far Christ is in their Bridal Chamber, hearts, they need not do that but when Christ is gone from the hearts of the people and they have been put under Yoke again by the hireling Dog-Collared Priests worse than those Rabbis from the Yoke of which Christ Jesus set us Free by offering His own sacrifice as the Lamb of God, then they will pray and fast – Matt.12.v43-45.

So, please wake up and cleanse your ears of the wax as Christ Jesus asked the servants to wash the old stone vats clear of the old wine of the letters. Then, he asked them to fill the vats with clean fresh water and through Holy Spirit, He turned water, ordinary people not drunk with old wine of letters as the born-blind young man was, into the New Wine, Gospel. Old skins good for the old wine, Letters, whilst the New Wine, the Gospel.

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