Spirit Talks Of Prophecy-The Most Haunted House In Maryland

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Using a spirit box radio.
I ask the spirit why they were going into the light and the spirit said the prophecy !
This is my house, and where it all started some 10 years ago, and it has to be the most haunted place in the state of Maryland and possibly in America. If you liked Part 1, then you are gonna love Part 3, and Part 4 has just been released. Can real ghost hunters classify any of this as a paranormal activity ? I think so but I would like your opinion. I know that orbs are a big turn off to many investigators and that's Ok but the E.V.P's. are so strong in this house you can not dismiss them as real good evidence.
You will see more flying spirits then you have ever seen before, and the scariest E.V.P. that you have ever heard . A 10 min conversation with 5 spirits. The Good The Bad And The Evil !!This is my house, and it has to be the most haunted place in the state of Maryland. No one want's to investigate my house. I have been waiting for a team for weeks from my local T.A.P.S chapter to come in a see for themselves. They said today their not coming, Because I mentioned orbs, they don't do orbs, even when they respond to your voice commands, even when you have E.V.P. s that co-inside with the orbs, White ghost figures flying through my house, objects moving, spirits yelling, banging,singing,electronic games coming on by themselves. Most of which is all documented, in photos, videos, and E.V.P. recording. The paranormal activity is really building in this house, that sits on historical land that goes back to the Indians. just last year a spirit ask me to dig behind my house and I found a 200 year old water trough. I don't know how many spirits are in my house I have lost track. I will keep posting what I see until someone some day believes me enough to come and see what I think is the biggest paranormal portal that has ever been discovered. Just remember my spirit readings don't come from flashing lights of a E.M.F. meter, they come from the spirits themselves on live audio and video. This is the real deal folk's ! More videos coming ! More E.V.P.s Coming ! More proof that spirits do exist is coming !!!
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