Gerald Celente: 'The poor mans salvation, SILVER.. Buy low and HOLD on' [22- June-12 Capitalaccount]

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Gerald Celente cannot give financial advices but he is telling you what he is doing personally, he is putting his money into the only safe heaven out there and that is Gold and Silver. He is also recommending to boycott these coming elections instead of voting for the lesser of two evils as usual. All politicians are one and the same. Vote for any, you get the same. Jamie Dimon has his cufflinks. We OWN you all. Gerald is so wise and in tune with reality. He is the hero of reason. His knowledge will set us free. Free of the fear the elites need to feed off. Where is the mafia? Um, lizards killed him. Save the truth. Save Julian of Wikileaks. Save the internet. Save yourself from the fear Washington offers Julian. TORTURE for telling truths? Who rules us? None to choose from. Gerald gave you a high complement. With his knowing, he doesn't honor many. We should play by their rules. When they manipulate metal to lows, buy. Buy and don't sell out. They may crash metals, yet when their paper eft etc can't play off to the owners, it isn't there. All the 1% will fall. It is global. Fearlessness that will bring the 'elites' to their knees. To have and hold...the poor mans salvation, SILVER.. Buy low and HOLD on.

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