Royal Priests in Christ Jesus do not need these white-washed crook Hireling Dog-Collared Priests in Churches of God - 5.

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Royal Priests in Christ Jesus do not need crook hireling Dog-Collared Priests in Churches of God - 5.
The word Disciple is from discipline and you discipline the once-born children. Normally, they are sent to a schoolmaster and these used to the Rabbis, Pharisees, etc. But when you become a sensible adult, you need not be disciplined as you know what is right and what is wrong.
So, the moral laws are for the once-born children and they are frightened with sin as the consequences. They are told about heaven and hell and the jealous and revengeful Yahweh if they became rebels. That is why there are the moral laws and the transgression against the moral laws is sin. Grown up sensible people as those who presented themselves to John, the Baptist for baptism in the name of Abraham had found the Temple Rabbis hypocrites taking advantage of their obedient once-born slave Disciples. So, the sensible people who can sort out their own lives as the born-blind person was, need not have a Rabbi to discipline them and, therefore, such sensible people are not under law or sins but righteousness that originates from one’s heart. That is why Christ Jesus said, the least in the Royal Kingdom of God, that is the Twice-born person, is greater than John, the Baptist, an Ideal Rabbis or Prophet Elijah because they do not need a Rabbi to discipline them. That is why in Christ Jesus, we are Royal Priests, the sons of Most High and our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus is our anointed Royal High Priest. There is none above a Royal Priest that you become after Eating the juicy flesh of Jesus and Drinking the Refreshing Blood of Christ. You get yourself Grafted to the True Vine Christ Jesus that is in the Vineyard of our Father to be entered through the Narrow Gate that is known to you by the grace of our Father. No one knows Father unless He Himself reveals to the person. The Person should be pleasing to our Father even though He may be on the wrong Path as Saul was. Saul’s heart was clean and he was hijacked by the Temple Priests against the Labourers of Christ Jesus. He was not happy within his heart what the hell he was doing.
Thus, in Christ Jesus, we do not need any Dog-collared hireling Rabbis in the new form predicted by Christ Jesus in Matt.12.v43-45, the sacked Temple arid spirited Priests could not find a green pasture. So, they decided to enter the Church of God that is open to all and played their dirty trick by bringing in the old rotten highly Forbidden Jewish Leaven, the Letters Torah, old wine that suppresses the Hunger for the New Wine. That is why the Apostles abandoned the Churches and rebuked the Bishops. But the clever Messianic Jews got into their pocket Emperor Constantine and killed those critics by branding them heretics. That is, Light came among His own as in the Punjab as well, but they loved the Darkness created blind to spirit Disciples and the Priests to look after them. That is why the Gnostics rejected those Priests and suffered martyrdoms.
Thus, in Christ Jesus, the parents of the children should be a Christ and they are honest and righteous for Christ to work in their hearts. Such parents would train their children to be truthful and that is all needed by the children in order to receive Christ in their hearts to Preach Gospel Truth. A liar cannot have the Gospel Truth but hypocrisy. Greed causes disparity between the rich and the poor leading to Holocausts. That is why among the communist countries, there are less legal cases and greater Peace. So, we do not need the crook Priests in Christ Jesus if our children are properly guided to be morally sound by the school teachers and the parents.

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