Gospel of our living Father is for those who seek Him in spirit and not in the dead Letters - 6.

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Gospel of our living Father is for those who seek Him in spirit and not in the dead Letters - 6.
People read Books to know Gospel but they end up drunk with the old wine of the dead letters. Book knowledge makes you dependent upon the Books and their authors whereas the Gospel comes from God through self revelations. Logical reasoning is the Tool that leads to Logos that is His Word. Now, His Word is abstract and to know abstract knowledge first you should know what you see with your naked eyes of Adam. John, the Baptist came to give us that knowledge of Adam and for this reason, John, the Baptist is known as an Angel. In the Sikh Holy Book, Angel of Israel is John, the Baptist and He kills those who are unfaithful to Abraham or not the salt of the earth. Thus, John, the Baptist was a witness to the Light but not the Light and today, you have Churches devoted to John, the Baptist when the least in the Royal Kingdom of God is greater than John, the Baptist bcause we are the sons of most High, our Father God. So, those who are Baptist even do not know how John, the Baptist turned stones into the sons of Abraham?
So, you need to have desire to know Gospel and these University Professors are least to know Gospel as their ears are full of hardened Wax of Letters. So, you first learn how to clear the hardened wax from your own ears and that would open your heart to digest what you hear.
Gospel of our living Father is for the living in spirit who renew their innerman, the Christ, every day. Dead in Letters would call the living in spirit heretic as what comes out of the mouth of such a person is not written in any Book. Therefore, no references as the dead in Letters write or quote. That is why Gospel is by grace to those who long for it. University Professors are dead in Letters having no spec of holy spirit. Just ask these University Professors who died on the Cross? Jesus or Christ? Or who created Adam and eve? They talk about Islam, ask them what is the origin of the word Allah?

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