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Mysterious Ancient Artifacts - Riddles of Past History


  • Bulldogwings#

    Bulldogwings October 31, 2012 9:39:10 PM CET

    I felt this was a pretty concise presentation of most of the OOPARTS I have ever heard about, all
    in one short video. What continues to amaze me, is academia's complete disregard for these objects.
    There is absolutely no evidence, beyond some of the honest statements out of the 1800's, that
    the anyone is pursuing real research on these mysterious objects. There is evidence that any aspiring member of the academy will have all doors slammed in the face of their career, just for talking about
    OOPARTS in the hearing of a superior. It is very sad that honest study has been derailed. I should think
    that the study of prehistoric high technology would be drawing researchers like flies.

    Maybe those at the top are afraid they will have their doctorates removed when it is proven that most of their
    graduate work was hooey!

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