Unite the Resistance conference: 'Segundo Menendez Collar / Striking Asturian Miner' [UniteTheResistance]

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The economic crisis and austerity measures have brought misery to millions of workers and poor people across Europe.

But the turmoil at the top has been met with resistance from below. Right wing governments have been thrown out of office and strikes in Greece, France, Spain and Portugal have shaken the bosses.

In Britain we have seen the biggest strike since 1926. Millions struck to defend their pensions. Some workers have now been out four or five times.

We are at a crucial stage in the battle against austerity. The Unite the Resistance conference gives activists and trade unionists a chance to debate how we take this fight forward.

Key themes
• Solidarity with the movements against austerity across the globe
• Building the TUC national demonstration against the cuts
• Organising the rank and file

Alex Kenny NUT NEC

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