2012 London Olympics: STAY THE F*** AWAY!

  • Uploaded by Extraett on Jun 26, 2012
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There's no arguing against the fact that there's A LOT of signs surrounding the 2012 Olympic games, pointing out to the conclusion that the Illluminati are gonna pull out a major false flag event in London. This is NOT paranoid. The occult symbols and subliminal messages are EVERYWHERE to be seen. 11 years after the 9-11, everything is suggesting that London may be stage for a huge mass sacrifice. I've compiled all the evidences I've found in this single video and my advice is STAY THE F*** AWAY.

If all conspiracy theorists who believe that something is gonna be unfolded during the London Olympics, turn out to be wrong, the worst thing that can happen is your frustration by have missed the games, but if they turn out to be RIGHT, you just saved yourself. Thanks too undercoveralien

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