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see -and more at - hello - originally i was pleased to meet and try and help Kevin Annett back in the autumn of 2010 but since i have discovered i was conned - indeed, trying to raise money for him by promoting his appearances of him at various locations promoting his film "Unrepentant" {which hadnt been out that long} and his new book i took seriously, reeling of emails and letters to venues hoping theyed let him speak to promote his wares. I travelled to a friends home in N. London, and met him there, and duly took part in the proceedings as we all did then, with Annett, and together a group of us went to Lambeth on the day the pope visited the palace there. I wish i hadnt bothered doing anything - going to Lambeth ended up in an unnecassary altercation with the police,who issued "stop + search" paraphernalia on me - for no reason other than to be a nuisance i believe, issuing the paperwork on me apparently because i had a carton of raspberry juice, and a video camera - both of which they considered "dangerous weapons". You couldnt make this stuff up. My official complaints shortly after about those interractions with the police to the IPCC {the old Police Complaints Authority} citing that i believed 3 police officers had abused my Human Rights by issuing unnecassary and irrelavent s+s papers were to be a complete waste of time, the complaint returned "unfounded", thus leaving the "stop + search" paperwork valid. The importance of getting the "s+s" papers quashed is because on receiving 3 "stop + search" papers one can be taken from anywhere anytime for no reason and held for 24 hours by the police - the consequences of which can obviously be debilitating, and unnecassarily intrusive. This intrusion into ones life came under the auspices of the new terrorism laws brought in over the past few years. Getting an end result of nothing being done by the IPCC took months, and the 3 police officers i cited in my official complaint, who harrassed me on 2 days running at the time actually, were left free to hassle other innocent bystanders anywhere so as their names go on a database of {presumed} "activists and agitators" who are deemed "undesirables" at the end of the day by our wonderful authorities. It is of course an outrage.
Anyway, i digress and on seeing these now prominent sites apparently exposing Annett for what he is comes as no surprise {} , as id heard various stories since 2010 regarding certain things concerning him. For instance, i arranged to meet Annett and a couple of other supporters at the abode at Wimbledon where the pope was rsiding during his uk visit in 2010. The purpose of which was for Annett to serve signed papers on him { - not the actual summons for the court appearance regarding various crimes connected to his not reporting paedophilia by priests he was made aware of to the authorities in the mid '80s when he was in the position to do so} I took pics of this event - 1 pic being in the following video I made to promote his work at the time - Annett is holding the forged signiture paper served on the pope @ 30 secs. into this video, the pic being taken on our visit to the Wimbledon residency of the pope then = 2}. The nun at the big place the pope was staying kindly came out to received the signed papers from Annett. It was only later we discovered that the signiture on the papers was not genuine. It was not signed by the person it was purported to be of, another activist in Canada belonging to the indigenous people there. Apparently Annett had used the printer of the owner of the house he was guest of to print these papers up to be given to the pope and had forged the aforementioned persons signiture himself - unbeknownst to us - and the popes people also, i hasted to add. The entire affair was a farce, and completely bogus. I just wonder what else in this characters entire catalogue of so-called "activism" is suspect. No doubt we will find out in good time. What is serious is that many deaths of persons who have been close to Annett, in Canada alone, have occurred. Johnny "Bingo" Dawson's life was taken in suspicious circumstances, as was William Coombes
Lets hope more truth comes to light to finally expose what is the truth....JG. {butlincat}

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