John And Stephen were Angels as they worked for Adam making people Salt of the Earth or sons of Man or Abraham.

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John And Stephen were Angels as they worked for Adam making people Salt of the Eartrhg.
People are confused with these terms and they have lost the significance because of the corrupt Messianic Jews who took over the Church of God and corrupted the New Testament or best Judadised to show that the Old Testament is more important than the New. Marcion made a bold effort but the killing of the opponents led to utter Darkness. The Second coming of Christ Jesus was Satguru = Christ Nanak Dev Ji but the satanic Khatris of the Punjab, the Emperors of Darkness created greater Darkness than the people of Judah tribe of Middle East.
Still, the subject is very simple if you are living in spirit capable of intuition. Holy spirit is common sense and Holy Spirit with capital S is Extra Ordinary Sense of God, the Wage the 12 Labourers of Christ Jesus received for working in the Vineyard of our Father where the True Vine Christ Jesus is Planted by Him for us to emulate. This Vineyard you enter through the Narrow Gate meant for the Solitary meaning that everyone has to make his own effort to enter. I have produced a graphical Table that you can find on my website.
Here is the Graphical representation showing where the lines of Angels and the Saints. John, the Baptist was the Angel of Israel and He is mentioned in the New Testament of the Sikhs called Ad-Granth. This has been highly corrupted by the Khatris among who Christ Nanak Dev Ji appeared.
The first Bishop of the Church of God too played the role of Angel in the line of John, the Baptist urging people to be the Salt of Abraham but the Temple Priests killed Him. So, both John, the Baptist and Stephen were not Saints but Angel preparing the Way for the Apostles. Christ Jesus created 70 Outer Circle Labourers in the line of John, the Baptist to prepare the Way for the Apostles. Seventy is related to 10 x 7 = 70, the members of the Synhedrian. Seventy was the year when the Temple was destroyed and today, the Tares, Matt.13.v24-30 are getting bundled up in Israel and when Israel is 70 years old, ATOMIC WAR will destroy it as stated by Christ Jesus the process will be quick to avoid suffering of people. We are lucky to be witnessing the End of the World and let us Preach Gospel from Roof Tops.

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