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the awful truth about jews

  • John302
  • uploaded: Jun 29, 2012
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jews....not all they claim to be ?? well call me shocked...not !!....they are the biggest liars on this planet...even jesus was not a jew...but they say he was....more of their propagandist lies....in truth the true jews are all khazars...and were forced out of every nation they resided in...until they stole as much land as they could get in palestine and declared themselves as a "chosen people of god" while killing and torturing innocents....

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  • buckethead69#

    buckethead69 June 29, 2012 5:04:48 PM CEST

    well i assume you buy into alex jones as a hero as well? theres about 10% truth here. and jesus christ was just a human part of the egyptian dynasty. the word jew is wrongly used. where a true hebrew person believing in the teachings of YHWH (basically the concept of passing down the technology of their time. i.e. energy/electricity control and sacred geometry) is a person of peace.

    while i respect your freedoms here (unlike modern prophets like ron paul, jeff rense, and alex jones that so many "awakened" follow these days) i will say this. i being of true jewish hebrew blood of egypt will let you know that "thinking" is an easy game to manipulate, as is history. and has been done well. in the process the NWO stole the teachings of YHWH and hid them for themselves a long long loonnnngggggggggggg time ago and used its knowledge of many things to gain control. and in order to do that they took on the name of the hebrew culture. for jewish isnt hebrew ...it is zionist. and every true hebrew is aware of that based on the simplest of facts. THERE IS NO LETTER "J" in the hebrew alphabet! but jesus, jewish, jesuit, and jerusalem all have this letter for some reason and are a front for the realm of greed which in the days of yore were jewels. they used this power they stole from the hebrews to manipulate everything in our past present, and no matter how hard you want to fight it....future. why do i say future? because you suckers keep falling for the same tactics of distract, divide, and dis-info as you always have! no matter how awakened you may think you are, you like most truthers now days are infants of awakening and will never be able to wake up if you keep falling for the same zionist tricks. they brought about the concept of religion into a hebrew world of spirit and technology under false pretenses. and theyve planned for 1000's of years for everything that has happened to actually happen. they planned you false awakening, and they planned it so well that you let their speakers rule you through islam or christianity. ron paul or alex jones. jeff rense or jesse ventura. and all the while they sit back and laugh like a grand chess master playing a dog fetusin this game of life chess if you will.

    so look at the bigger picture and learn real facts and not fake ones that on a massive scale is thought to be the truth. there is far more to it than you realize!!!!!!!!!

    the only way to beat them is via unity!!!!! but you fell for the oldest trick in the book of someone making you think your allies are your enemies!!!!!!!

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