World Government Forming Now Trailer

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When we read the prophecies of the Bible, it is so easy to think that they pertain to some other people during another time and at another place. It is sometimes difficult to believe that these 2,000-year-old prophecies are talking about this time, our world and about us—now! But that is the case.

Many Bible prophecies written thousands of years ago have been fulfilled in the past 100 years. Unknown by most people, even Bible-reading Christians, major end-time prophecies are being fulfilled today, including:

The One-World government
The One-World Religion.
The Ten-nation confederacy of Daniel and Revelation.
The Mark of the Beast or 666.

The world is being divided into ten economic units. Americans are only now becoming aware that our government is rapidly forming the North American Union with Canada and Mexico; patterned after the European Union. Finally, the technology now exists to create the Mark of the Beast of Revelation 13.

the New World Order, which will create regional organizations that will serve on the UN Security Council in the place of their member states. By granting such power to these organizations a world government of sorts will emerge. The EU Reform Treaty will be the first step towards implementing this worldwide government. Like the EU these regional organizations being built, most notably right now the Association of South-East Asian Nations, the African Union, and the Union of South American Nations, will all have legal personality, be run by unelected elites, and have control of the affairs of their member states. In the U.S. the first step towards such an organization is being made with the North American Free Trade Agreement, North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation, North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation, Security and Prosperity Partnership, and Dominican Republic and Central American Free Trade Agreement. Ultimately these agreements will lead to a supranational government structure. This already has begun with the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, North American Competitiveness Council and NAFTA secretariat. ASEAN is also writing up its new charter and it will likely include a legal personality for the group and ASEAN parliament, likely to pave the way for an EU-style supranational body. Much like the Club of Rome plans for 10 regions of the world this ongoing movement is gaining significant ground in nine regions and a tenth may be on the verge of forming due to the six-party talks.

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