Sheikh Imran Hosein: 'The Islamic Village in Akhirulzaman' [29-June-12]

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It is wajib for Muslims to strive for the establishment of Islam Caliphate on the earth, even if its is only in his own home. But, todays situation in the world may make one question if the establishment of "Darul Islam" is a possibility. Concerning the macrocosmos, the answer may be quite certainly be answered with 'No' because the secular powers hold this world in their grip. However, it might be still be possible to establish a place in the microcosmos, where life resembles as far as possible the ideal of Darul Islam.

According to a hadith sahih, somebody who revives the Sunnah at a time, when the Sunnah is already destroyed, gets the reward of 100 times Shahied! Unfortunately, modern life is far from being according to Sunnah. And, true Sunnah cannot be lived alone, it needs a Jamaat! But where can one find a taste of the original spirit of Islam? Where can one find real brotherhood and the feeling of working together for one goal: the pleasure of Allah s.w.t.?
(quote from the Medinah Project)
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