Julian Assange Speaks to BBC Newsnight from Inside Ecuador Embassy in London [LeakSource]

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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has told the BBC he almost certainly will not attend a police station after being served an extradition notice.
Officers from the Met's extradition unit delivered a note to Mr Assange at Ecuador's London embassy on Thursday.
Mr Assange took refuge there last week and is seeking diplomatic asylum to prevent being sent to Sweden where he is accused of rape and assault.
He said he was advised asylum law took precedence over extradition law.
Scotland Yard said earlier on Thursday the notice required a 40-year-old man to attend a police station "at a time of our choosing".
But Mr Assange told the BBC's Newsnight programme, when asked if he would go: "Our advice is that asylum law both internationally and domestically takes precedence over extradition law so almost certainly not."

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