Canadians in Halifax Protest Against Endless Wars as Western Backed Destabilization in Syria Threatens World Peace

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by Amir Alwani
July 3, 2012

The middle east is heating up. Using Libya as a template, hardcore western destabilization has been slowly simmering Syria for the past 16 months. Demonization and destabilization of Iran has been an ongoing theme for decades.

Many observers are now humoring the possibility that the globalist wet dreams of a 3rd World War may actually come to fruition. An epic battle between good and evil is being fought right now and if things escalate it could turn thermo-nuclear. The world is growing increasingly hostile.

In these quickly evolving situations, it is useful to recall that at any moment Iran has the option to close the Strait of Hormuz and this would be devastating especially if in concert with the planned implosion of the world’s economy. It is also safe to assume that in such a situation the ongoing weather-wars that have ensued under the radar would likewise be ramped up.

As always, truth is under constant assault. The mass of disinformation on this subject must be faced bravely if we are to have any hope of survival.

Echoing many recent protests demanding a halt to this US-NATO aggression, Canadians in Halifax protested these imperial acts yesterday and outlined a few reasons why Canada should not get involved. Watch this latest news blast to hear what they had to say.


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