Laredo, TX - UFO Hot Spot? New Footage Released by Paranormal Group - July 2, 2012

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Published on Jul 3, 2012 by Sheilaaliens 1st of all, the music they chose for their video presentation is just Gosh-awful and embarrassing. Secondly, I like the flashing UFOs @01:26. That looks like some really cool footage, I'd like to see the rest of it. I've recorded identical lights here in Tucson, AZ but it's always at night (not sure if their video of blinking lights was during the daytime or just a good infrared/all spectrum cam at night) I have a playlist of 20 or so videos that I've recorded of those blinking lights. Check 'em out:

"The Laredo Paranormal Research Society is back from a trip to Roswell where they were one of the presenters for this year's UFO conference.

The team was invited to present some of their recordings of Laredo's night sky that show that the Paranormal Society says are unexplained object floating above us.

Up to now, the group has never released its videos of what are believed to be UFO's.

But now they've decided to show our Annette Garcia what Laredo's skies have to offer.

Back from a trip to the UFO conference in Roswell the director of Laredo Paranormal research society says he's more enthusiastic than ever about what his group has managed to catch on camera over the skies of Laredo." Read more:

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