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Sun Ejects Mystery Object, July 2012 HD

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  • uploaded: Jul 6, 2012
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  • Ronray#

    Ronray July 14, 2012 8:48:15 PM CEST

    There is nothing unusual about the small CME (coronal mass ejection), but the object traveling toward the solar plane and being taken in or destroyed by it is very unusual. This reminds me of the time a comet was seen approaching the sun (similar to this) and created a huge explosion and was publicly dismissed as "nothing". It really makes me wonder at the extent of information that is being withheld from us.

  • Nadine#

    Nadine July 11, 2012 4:16:37 AM CEST

    thank u for your hard work,shows us there is a lot more to our reality than meets the eyes it is beyond our five sences.

  • tomhbomb1963#

    tomhbomb1963 July 8, 2012 3:49:15 PM CEST


  • Mikeybandb#

    Mikeybandb July 7, 2012 2:05:15 PM CEST


  • Ivision#

    Ivision July 7, 2012 5:36:03 AM CEST

    GOOD Catch!!

    NASA will probably call the orbs, Plasma Balls(?)

    Not to sure about the rest? I will have to watch a few times ; )

    SOHO, and the SDO do sometime produce some strange compression artifacts.

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