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UFO seen at 41.000 feet recorded by Copilot


This video was given to me by a pilot that use to be in the air force and now is in corporate aviation. The video shows an object he captured on video during a night time flight from Texas to Florida and back. He was the copilot. At the start of the video he is recording the city lights below, using the night vision setting on his camera, when the pilots points out a bright object passing above there aircraft. He video records the object and the pilot calls on the radio saying that he has several objects in front of them. Another plane pilot say he has them in sight. Yet another asks ATC if they had a report at 410. ATC reports that they might see traffic 3 miles ahead and instructs the jet to turn left. Another voice comes on the radio saying it is the planet Venus. The pilots want to remain unknown for professional reasons so don't ask me the names, dates, or aircraft information. This is real video, recorded in a real jet airplane, on a real trip. The audio is the recording of the real pilots and ATC radio communications.

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  • Glphil#

    Glphil July 11, 2012 5:15:38 AM CEST

    Great post !!!! Many thanks to you and your pilot friends !!!! These videos are the type that are difficult for the debunkers to dismiss!


    a personal note- I used to laugh at the people who "cried" conspiracy in regards to all the BS videos that were so obviously trash. Now a few years later, after looking at all the BS posted on sites like YouTube and here at DiscloseTV, I'm really startihng to think there really could be a huge disinformation campaign going on by the powers that be. With so many US retired military and HEROS like Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defense 1969-1988, Dr Edgar Mitchell US astronaut among others, coming forward and telling their knowledge and experiences related to these phenomena, II really can believe somethuing could be going on to try and counter act the truth coming out.

    For the reasons just stated, I think it is tantamount for those who believe we're being visited by beings with VASTLY superior technology, to be vigilant weeding out the BS! Nothing is more damaging than accepted as real evidence being proven as fake! The worst example (I know of) is Michael Cohen and his phony all news web. He has in the tens of millions of hits on YouTube. Most of the videos he's posted, are garbage and taken without permission. He even got busted stealing Leo Pethro's video of a river in Russia or in that area. He digitally added a wooly mammoth or maybe it was a bear. He then COPYWRITED it, and posted it on YOUTUBE. He claims all his trash is real, and that's why people are after him! It's what these phonies always say, "I speak the truth, that's why everyone is after me". Unfortunately, many people fall for the fake vids and his cries of persecution.

    Anyway that's my take on the situation after having examined this situation for over fity years!

  • Thenew2010#

    Thenew2010 July 8, 2012 8:56:17 PM CEST

    this is a very ufo's solid evidence. Airline pilots does not play hoax cuz that would get them fire in an instant so I am 1,000,000 % believe in them.

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