Tim Rifat: 'Fukushima Worsening!' [RenseRadio 9-May-12]

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Tim Rifat on Jeff Rense Show 2012:

5:28 Dirty bombs use thermite

6:11 "You must use Thermite which actually melts the uranium 235, the plutonium or cobalt 60, turns it into nano-particles and then you have a truly dirty bomb...."

10:51 End of a break. Jefff Explains the effects of Fukushima in the USA.

13:17 Tim talks about his experience with ozone

14:36 Jeff Explaining that cancer is in many cases caused by a bacteria, a virus or even a parasite, different forms of pathogens cause infections and leads to cancer.

18:24 End of a Break

21:44 Tim mentions Belarus

22:50 Why the IsraeliĀ“s are going mad

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