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Why Paul Preached Gospel in the face of his old colleagues and opposition? Christ came to rest in his heart.

  • Uploaded by Nijjhar on Jul 9, 2012
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Why Paul Preached Gospel in the face of his old colleagues? Christ came to rest in his heart.
Saul being a Roman freeman was fearless in Preaching Gospel on receiving Christ in His heart and for this he changed his name to Paul and faced the greatest opposition with the courage and strength of Christ in his heart. But to day, these Dog-collared hirelings know that they cannot give the account of congregation but rather they are blocking Light reaching the common person, yet they carry on doing wrong things. But the few that dare to get out of this crook system, know that the Mighty hand of God, the Christ in their heart would defend all the way during the fight against anti Christ hirelings.
Sauk presents a good example and he was earning his own living as a tentmaker that gives shelter and comfort people will get in the Royal Kingdom of God for the Solitary.

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